VAT/Excise Consultant

VAT/Excise Consultant

With the implementation of Value Added Tax (VAT) in UAE From January 1, 2018, almost all organizations are experiencing its effect. VAT has an impact on operational costs, cash flows and hence profitability, accounting obligations and VAT costs needs to be identified to be addressed correctly.IT systems also need to be enhanced to ensure VAT compliance. TXTK can also assist you evaluating and undertaking your excise compliance.

We at TXTK support you during implementation stage to take VAT /Excise roadmap by assisting you in areas such as ;

1)      Analysing the impact of VAT/Excise on your business.
2)      Advising on managing the VAT/Excise transaction process.
3)      Advising on required accounting systems under VAT/Excise
4)      Invoicing and other related documents under VAT /Excise
5)      Ensuring VAT compliance requirements.

a)    VAT health check
b)     VAT Refunds
c)       Voluntary disclosure
d)     Reconsideration for VAT Penalty waiver
e)      Resolving TAX dispute with a strategic approach.

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TXTK Consultants is here to assist you with ensuring that you meet the eligibility criteria and get VAT registered without a thing to worry about.


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TAX Preparation

We review your Financials Statements & Transactions and work with you to prepare for TAX related reports required for filling, as per laws.

VAT Registration & Filing

If you have not registered your Business with the UAE FTA, we can assist you with the registration and also take care of VAT filling on a quarterly basis.

Financial Statements

Based on the monthly/quarterly Financial Transactions, We help you in preparing all Financial and Management reports - Including P&L statements etc.

Process Advisory

After a careful analysis, we advise you on how you can strengthen your Accounting & Finance Policy & Processes, to safeguard company interests.

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